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NFL seems to be adopting targeting rule without adopting targeting rule

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Before the 2018 annual meeting, Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported that the NFL would not be adopting a college-style targeting rule, allowing ejections for the use of the helmet as a weapon to be imposed by someone other than the on-field officials. That position appears to be on the verge of changing.

Maske reported on Monday that ejections by officials under the rule that prevents lowering of the helmet to initiate contact will be subject to replay review. The unanswered question (for now) is whether failures to eject will be correctable via replay review, allowing 345 Park Avenue to buzz the referee and to instruct the referee to remove a player from the field when deemed necessary.

Second, after jettisoning Joe Haden last summer, the Browns were left without a former first-rounder at a premium position, and it showed.

Meanwhile, they already had Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah on the edge.

To be clear, this wasn’t pushing a need, but need can be a tiebreaker when things are close.

And third, when Ward came on his visit, he appealed to the staff by talking about his Northeast Ohio roots, and the coaches came away thinking Ward wanted to be in Cleveland and embraced the idea of being part of a turnaround, which fit into the culture change Dorsey has been pushing.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the position is considered permanent and no search is being done for a replacement.

Kim Pegula and her husband Terry bought the Bills in 2014, so it’s not as if she didn’t already have power there. But it does break a bit of ground, as she joins a very short list of top female sports executives.

Tina Becker has been chief operating officer of the Panthers while the team is being sold, though she’s not necessarily expected to remain once Jerry Richardson hands the keys to someone else. And Katie Blackburn (the daughter of Bengals owner Mike Brown) serves as their executive vice president.

But roles for females at the top of sports organizations are still rare, and while the circumstances add a layer of irony, it represents a positive step in what has always been very much an old boys club.

The uniforms should take the form of the classic college cheerleading look, skirts and crop tops that highlight their six-packs without revealing major cleavage.

On the left, the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders at an opening-week game in 2016.