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McCarthy: Kizer would’ve been first-round pick in 2018

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Mike McCarthy’s quarterback situation is as solid as possible at the top, but he’s welcoming a fresh face to the depth chart.

That fresh face, former second-round pick DeShone Kizer , has earned quite a compliment from the coach, who thinks Kizer has been undervalued in his first year in the NFL.

In my opinion, if he was in that class this year, he would’ve been part of that group of first four guys , or first five, McCarthy said, per USA Today. I always felt there were five, the five quarterbacks, first-round guys.

More of the same came as a result: Cleveland again found itself in the market for a franchise quarterback and jettisoned Kizer to a land of new opportunity (and dairy products), dealing the youngster to Green Bay in a swap that included defensive back Damarious Randall . A fresh start was best for a green quarterback whose confidence didn’t need further damaging.

Kizer will battle with Brett Hundley for the backup job behind entrenched all-world quarterback Aaron Rodgers . Based on last season’s unfortunate series of events Hundley replaced an injured Rodgers and Green Bay’s offense slowed to a crawl that included a limp Kizer should have a realistic chance to win the backup job. Going from chaos-ridden Cleveland to mostly stable Green Bay and learning behind Rodgers would be an ideal setup for Kizer.

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